F1 Athena Sofa


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Inspired by the natural curves of our body's contours and the meandering flow of the peninsula's stream, the Athena sofa brings novel angles to sofa design. The raw oak timber base sits beneath a luxuriously soft bounceable seat. Made of fabric which is both sustainable and bleachable, the sofa is family friendly and has been designed to be cozy and inviting for adults and children. Its modular form offers flexibility in its overall size and composition to suit the space and layout of the individual room.  

Hard Finishes: Raw Oak

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Combination F1_A and F1_D

Combination F1_C and F1_B

Combination F1_C and F1_F

Combination F1_E and F1_D

Combination F1_C and F1_D

Combination F1_A and F1_B

Combination F1_E and F1_F

Combination F1_E and F1_B

Combination F1_A and F1_F

Combination F1_C, F1_G and F1_D

Combination F1_E, F1_G and F1_F

Combination F1_E, F1_G and F1_D

Combination F1_C, F1_G and F1_F