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Type: Bed

The Elif Bed brings a new regality to the bedroom with its tall frame and curved edges which envelope the head of the bed creating a sense of safe and contented enclosure - a cozy, almost hideaway environment with contrasting open outlook across the rest of the space and surrounding views. The soft base has hidden storage in the base, combining both luxury and practicality.

*Electrical Fittings include: Double UK electrical sockets with double USB ports, headboard lights and with lights switches on each side.

*Bed Base only available in Beige or Grey Boucle. Can be sold separately (for more information, please call).

*For custom fabrics, please use the amount of fabric meterage for each size bed:

Small Double with Lights - 11m
King with Lights - 11m Super King with Lights - 13m
Small Double without Lights - 11m
King without Lights - 11m
Super King without Lights - 13m

Hard Finishes: Smoked Walnut


With Electrics:

F14A_01 Small Double
Width 2400mm / Depth 2123mm / Height 2200mm

F14A_02 King
Width 2700mm / Depth 2223mm / Height 2200mm

F14A_03 Super King
Width 3000mm / Depth 2223mm / Height 2200mm

Without Electrics:

F14B_01 Small Double
Width 1866mm / Depth 2123mm / Height 2200mm

F14B_02 King
Width 2166mm / Depth 2223mm / Height 2200mm

F14B_03 Super King
Width 2466mm / Depth 2223mm / Height 2200mm

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